The sketch of dancers Dad bought me nearly 30 years ago in an awful “uniframe” was beautifully framed and is in our home. You need to tell MC Hammer something. The strip he recommends failed.

I got this sketch re-framed and placed it as the focal point in our home. I had it framed a week before he died and didn’t receive it until afterwards.

The picture fell yesterday and did not break. It is well-constructed. While we haven’t observed the damage it is intact and we placed a real solid nail and picture hanger in there and placed it back up on the wall as a focal point. Dad has led arts institutions and dance companies. This work is important to me.

Nothing more can happen to Dad. He is gone. For this one work of art to fall off the wall may be a sign of something. Who knows? We fixed it and will see what happens next. Dee


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