Dee’s Dog

I have lived here for years and everyone has always called out for Zoe and called me just “Zoe’s Mom.”

Today my husband took her out and someone actually said to a friend, “that’s Dee’s dog.” I’ve raised her for nearly 14 years, she’s losing her hearing as well as her sight. We have enjoyed all this time with her. She is still happy, healthy and friendly to all. Well, she did try to chase the neighborhood turkey, “Tom,” a couple of weeks ago but was on leash and didn’t get anywhere near. Zoe was afraid of two baby goats when she was a pup, visiting the farm. She knew not to go for that old turkey that runs wild here and is pardoned by the neighborhood every Thanksgiving.

Pet reminder. Go through basic training with your pup and learn hand signals. Even with cataracts she can see, but if she doesn’t hear me I have to pet her head and do the hand signal to “come” and she will follow me to the collar and leash and out the door. When your dear old dog begins to lose faculties, down, sit, come, stay, even heel will be useful. Signals also help when your spouse is off a long, late flight and sound asleep so I don’t have to say a word. Take care of your dog(s) and significant other. Cheers! Dee


3 responses to “Dee’s Dog

  1. Zoe’s hearing is probably more selective these days than it is bad. If only she could be as an attentive listener as Dee’s loving husband.

    • Excuse me? You’re replying to me as me? You and your father have selective hearing. I can tell you your lunch is in the frig on the upper shelf in a zip-top bag three times and when I come back from errands, you ask “where’s my lunch?” Absent-minded professor, indeed.

  2. The one who listens like his dear father, deaf in both ears. Sorry to his father J, I love my family but there is a streak in it that is stubborn that made my husband who he is. Sometimes your wives have something to contribute to the conversation and decision-making.

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