Cute, Sharp Knives

and Chimichurri. I ran into several folks early this morning. One said I looked “cute” and I thought of the year I turned the dreaded 40 and waited for the day a store clerk asked for proof of age for me to buy a bottle of wine. A few days before I turned 41 and met my husband for the first time, I was asked and I thanked her because they said they only “carded” shoppers who looked under 30 and I’d been there nearly every day for years.

Now on the cusp of another age change, a woman said I looked cute. Nearly 60 and cute. I like it and don’t like it because on one side it says I’m young and vibrant. That’s her. With others, they don’t take me seriously, including my husband. I was a consultant years before he was one. I gave it up because he was dragging me around the country and world. I no longer have the support for a private practice, not that one can be built in two years and move elsewhere. The internet doesn’t work for my kind of business.

Before dinner, if we want to stretch time, my husband eats an apple. He cuts it his own way and uses my favorite knife, a paring knife I bought for cooking school nearly 30 years ago. He sharpened it. I was used to a certain feel as I cut and seeded the jalapenos but it was different. I was talking with him and cut my thumb, deeply. It was bleeding and throbbing so I stepped out.

Ordinarily he is not allowed in my kitchen except to get water and Dr. Pepper. He followed my instructions and finished the chimichurri. He had steak, tiny multi-colored potatoes and was supposed to have part of a large heirloom tomato. In the middle of the night my “dinner” was 1/2 cup of chocolate milk.

We made a full recipe of this so we could give some to a friend. He must know that when I took myself out of the game to hold my cut finger over my head, my rookie line cook came on and finished the job. He just happens to be a genius, physicist, mathematician, software engineer and consultant. Friend, you are lucky!

We’ll  check my bandages later and see if I need stitches. It was a clean but deep cut. At least I’m cute! Cheers! Dee


3 responses to “Cute, Sharp Knives

  1. I’m just here for spelling, pronunciation, rudimentary math, shoe and shirt sizes and to take care of the dog. He thinks on different educational planes, and airplanes.

  2. I was explaining chimichurri when a smart guy came in and said, simply, it’s Argentinian salsa. Bravo!

  3. I had to go to my cell phone provider because my cut and fully-healed thumb print will not allow me into my cell phone. They scanned my other thumb, and that doesn’t work either! I have to enter the password every time I use the phone!

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