Making a Difference

I think Dad instilled it in me. Two of us learned to read way early, and when our school wanted to change to phonics our parents rebelled. We were placed in the back of the room, together, and he was reading sports books and I was reading The Diary of Anne Frank.

We were made May King and May Queen because smarts were respected back then. Steven and I made a difference. A few years later we used to have to go to religious school every week. My younger sister and I, a sister and brother used to walk with us. They used to make fun of him. He was my friend and we walked together. I found out years later that he was gay. I had no idea of anything sexual at that time, only knew he was a good friend.

Years later his sister reached out to me to say she was sorry about all the things she said about her little brother, that they are best friends and she thanked me for being so kind to him.

I have made change in many areas of my life, in business and personal matters with people and pets. I have a side that engineers change. On the flip side folks call on me all the time for advice or care for their pets.

There are many stories but that would require a book. Cheers! Dee

ps  My wrist is getting better. I’m making burgers for lunch and skirt steak with chimichurri for dinner. Get the grill on!


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