“Hi, Dee!!!”

That’s how he sounded on a good day. His voice just made my day. I’m going to ask my husband when he is home this weekend to find a voicemail message with that on it because it’s priceless.

My Dad passed away early this morning. He was calm, comfortable and under 24/7 hospice care since this past weekend.

Luckily we got to spend a few days together before Thanksgiving, swapping stories. Interesting lives, interesting stories.

Why will this venue not accept my photo? I was six months old, at a picnic in the mountains, on Dad’s lap. He was holding me to protect me and I was reaching out to pet a neighboring picnicker’s dog. All I wanted was the dog. “But Dad, I just want to pet the dog!” Yep, that’s my brain at six months. No vocalization needed. Just be a horse and strain at the bit. You’ll get to pet the dog.

My entire life he looked out for me, and let me reach for whatever star I wanted. He is loved, and already missed, by many. He lived his life trying to make things better, education, world affairs, the arts.

I certainly do not wish to bore you, but there are two brief stories that show the man as who he was. Tomorrow. A teary cheers from Dee



2 responses to ““Hi, Dee!!!”

  1. Dee, I’m so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you have a lot of great memories of your Dad. They will be a comfort to you in the days to come.

    • He was my inspiration, told me to be anything I wanted to be and loved me ’til the end. Thank you. We had days of stories together before he entered hospice. That time is a gift from him to me that I will never forget, he sounded a bit like Cary Grant vintage To Catch a Thief, down on the hi and up on the dee. I will miss his voice. D

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