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Pollenation and Pee

We’re growing a tomato plant indoors. It has grown a couple of feet in the past three weeks and it is spindly and loosely tied to two stakes. It flowered for the first time yesterday and my husband learned how to self-pollenate using a brush or ear swab.

Fifteen years ago we had a plant outdoors and it was inundated with bugs and tomato worms. I think we got 2-3 tomatoes all season and not so tasty. We’ll see.

We cared for a challenging young pup last weekend and my husband, old dog Zoe and I have been catching up on sleep! I’ve worked with shelter dogs and feral cats for many years but this is an interesting dog who taught me things I’ve never seen before.

We were out with Zoe last evening and ran into said pup and her dad. When I walked up, she graced me with a “happy pee” on the bottom of my pants and top of my shoes. Graced, I felt. She is teething, bad, but she didn’t try to bite or have relations with one of my legs as I walked. I could tell she wanted to but daddy was there. She was calm and friendly in my arms when she asked me to pick her up. With time, attention and training she will be a great dog for this young, smart couple.

The pants and shoes are already washed and I’ve several pairs of the pants and even more Crocs. I think I’ve graduated from sitter she couldn’t let out of her sight because her parents were gone for the weekend, to member of the family. That’s good, because they’re our neighbors! She shook Zoe up a bit and Zoe had to put her kindly in line several times, saying “I’m an old lady, leave me alone to nap!” That’s what difference over 13 years, and slightly over three months, makes.

That said, I don’t know if I’ve another pup in me to raise, certainly not while Zoe is alive. Before, I had a rescue who was in a no-kill shelter for a year, after a year being raised by an abusive deputy sheriff and having rocks thrown at her over the fence by neighborhood kids. We got over that, starting the day I adopted her. Every kid in the tot lot called out her name at the park and their mothers would let them pet her. When she died all the dog owners and parents bought the city a tree, in the park, in her memory.

My husband arrived on the scene several months later, after 9/11. When we married and moved we decided to get a pup and start from scratch. No more older abused animals for now. Zoe is the best dog in the world, a mascot around here and the neighborhood. She’s like “Cheers,” everyone knows her name. Oh, when our Aussie mix is too smart for her britches, he always says “we should have gotten the dumb one.”

That would be a breed I love, Swiss cart-pullers, the affable and quiet Bernese Mountain Dog. Our lives would have been very different with that choice. Zoe had a hold on her but we filled out all the paperwork with the male Bernese as #2. Early the next morning we got a phone call from the shelter saying the hold was lifted, they didn’t want our Zoe (we chose the name) so we picked her up right away and spent the rest having her hips taken out as a pup. Hey, they don’t call me the dog lady for nada! Such a sweet girl, healthy but getting old.

Please spay/neuter your pets at the appropriate age (ask your vet) and adopt from local shelters. Over the past 30 years I’ve had four amazing pets, two dogs, two cats. I’m not going to “show” them except for a walk in the neighborhood. The dogs, wash & wear like me, the cats cleaned themselves mostly, or I did in case of emergency. No hair spray needed. I do have Dee’s Torture Chamber of Horrors, a plastic bag with combs and brushes and avocado oil spray to keep down winter heat sparks. Be kind, Dee


“Hi, Dee!!!”

That’s how he sounded on a good day. His voice just made my day. I’m going to ask my husband when he is home this weekend to find a voicemail message with that on it because it’s priceless.

My Dad passed away early this morning. He was calm, comfortable and under 24/7 hospice care since this past weekend.

Luckily we got to spend a few days together before Thanksgiving, swapping stories. Interesting lives, interesting stories.

Why will this venue not accept my photo? I was six months old, at a picnic in the mountains, on Dad’s lap. He was holding me to protect me and I was reaching out to pet a neighboring picnicker’s dog. All I wanted was the dog. “But Dad, I just want to pet the dog!” Yep, that’s my brain at six months. No vocalization needed. Just be a horse and strain at the bit. You’ll get to pet the dog.

My entire life he looked out for me, and let me reach for whatever star I wanted. He is loved, and already missed, by many. He lived his life trying to make things better, education, world affairs, the arts.

I certainly do not wish to bore you, but there are two brief stories that show the man as who he was. Tomorrow. A teary cheers from Dee


Killing Native Wildlife

This bill revises a variety of existing programs to expand access to, and opportunities for, hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting.

“The Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act is reauthorized through FY2025. The North American Wetlands Conservation Act and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Establishment Act are reauthorized through FY2020.

Components of firearms and ammunition and sport fishing equipment and its interesting stuff (such as lead sinkers) are exempted from regulations of chemical substances under the Toxic Substances Control Act.

The proportion of funding from the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act that states may use for public target ranges is increased.” This is a bill summary.

Interior must issue permits for the importation of polar bear parts taken in sports hunts in Canada before May 15, 2008, which is the date the species was listed as threatened.


Our government wants killers to go to Canada and bring back polar bear heads and parts of other animals. They want to kill more here. I lived on a wildlife preserve for several years and elk, moose, coyotes, Greater Sandhill Cranes were always preserved. Even when the two juvenile moose whose mom was killed on the freeway protecting them from traffic. They crashed a wedding down the road. Imagine those videos and photos. Wedding of a lifetime!


The bill revises standards for determining what a baited area is for purposes of the prohibition on taking migratory game birds.

Federal public land management officials must facilitate hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting on certain federal public land. Land under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management or the Forest Service must be open for hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting unless the managing agency acts to close the land.

This bill provides special rules to expand access to federal land and waterways for film crews of five people or fewer.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may not prohibit individuals from possessing a firearm in public areas of a water resources development project. The National Park Service may not prohibit individuals from transporting bows and crossbows if certain requirements are met.

Funds from the Land and Water Conservation Fund are allocated for priority projects that secure public access to federal public lands for hunting, fishing, and other recreational purposes.

What is wrong with this picture? We’re allowing hunters to take wildlife that is endangered and place their heads in their man caves. All so a state can get revenue through hunting permits. What a sad story that is.

I know we have a better story, as a nation, to tell, and a better future and troops. No-one carries a weapon but our voices are stronger than your cruel traps. Let’s go to it. Remember it’s Sen. 405. I’m writing in today.¬†Dee