I remember trying a thong 20 or so years ago. Ick. Now I’ve a cropped top to wear under a lace bodysuit. Yes. Buy something to cover something else!

The cropped top, I keep trying to tuck in. It will not, nor is it designed to do so. As everything is in the wash I’m wearing leopard print pajama pants. For bed, and a strenuous interview in a few moments with a man I haven’t seen in fifty years.

He was a truck driver. My father had him take an IQ test and of course he’s a genius. He went to college and became a psychologist. Before age eight I was allowed to visit him and his dear wife, an artist, once a week. He would give me a psychoses and I’d look one up and define it for him the next week. My favorite was triskadekaphobia, fear of the number 13.

We have an appointment by phone. Why take a call from a neighbor from the 1960’s? Because my father is now under hospice care and taught him to play handball in an indoor court. He’s 87 and still plays and credits my father for that. He arranged for a lengthy appointment.

I need to call my husband briefly before the doc is in. I just talked to a clinical psychologist (dear wife of an old work friend) and she says I’ll do OK. Cheers! Dee


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