It’s Over

Luckily there is no more to be said by candidates Clinton and Trump, listed alphabetically.

In 1971, there was an infamous ad made that is still at the top of my list. It was Coca-Cola’s “I’d like to buy the world a Coke.” Inspirational.

Another favorite is Mean Joe Greene’s tossing a Coke Classic to a kid in the players’ tunnel, saying “hey kid, catch.” I’ve nothing to do with the company or their ad agency but these ads stick in my mind as positive reinforcements and I must disclose that I did love Tab and now have an occasional Diet Coke. When I was in politics we had early morning committee meetings and I didn’t drink coffee. I learned to put my DC in a mug I brought from home. They thought it was coffee….

In about an hour I’m about to walk to our local polling place and cast my vote. No, I will not tell you how I am going to vote. I can tell you that our nation needs a leader.

This election season, being in government (retired) for years, I’ve learned a few things. I hate negative ads, as they demean the candidate who makes them, not the one they accuse. Calling an opponent fat or dumpy does not instill confidence in a voter who wants leadership.

It also calls into question whether either candidate, if elected, can unite us, the people, in a civil manner after such vitriol and tell us again, what was their plan for us, the voters and people who depend on them to defend our interests in health care and social security and world peace. In my mind when they started attacking each other they forgot about us.

I’m so glad it’s over and I just need to place the “I’ve Voted” sticker on my jacket to remind other folks walking, jogging, taking care of their dogs, shopping at the grocery store, to do so as well. I don’t care for whom they vote, just that they do. Young people, get out there! This is your future and you’re the most apathetic generation to date. Vote!

This election season has been particularly harmful for me. I had a tumor that was benign and have been fighting our health insurance company. My father and his companion both have cancer and I’m flying out there this week to help take care of them.

I do not need nor wish to see negative campaign ads. The nation wants to know your ideas, not schoolyard slams. These ads demean the Office of the President of the United States of America.

For the past 18 months, not only do I not watch the ads, I don’t watch the news. I scan through newspapers on paper and online but I will not be bombarded by television that is so negative it turns my stomach.

Here’s one solution. Netflix is only about $10 per month. Amazon Prime is under $100 per year and you get free two-day shipping. When you settle in for the evening before what I call the “last chance” dog walk, choose a documentary, any film genre and watch without ads.

Let’s let them fight each other and judge on merit. That is what I will do this morning. Then I’ll take the dog for an interview to see if she can stay in town this weekend while I deal with cancer on the upbeat. To leadership and unity. As President Truman said, the buck stops here. Dee


One response to “It’s Over

  1. I voted! I even walked to the polling place, further than I usually go with arthritis and swollen ankles. Yea! I have my sticker but have seen other neighbors with cooler stickers than mine. Perhaps they can make pins and we can trade like they do in the Olympics. This is, after all, the US olympic games.

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