Catholic School

This is college. Homework one night was for the entire class to see a documentary rumored about something concerning hookers and the love canal.

Of course students were asking why we were assigned, in a history class, in a Catholic college, to see such a film. Of course they secretly wanted to see it.

I lived in the area (not the immediate area) at the time and was well aware of the Hooker Chemical Company’s illegal disposal and covering and lies and deception regarding hazardous waste. As I was underage I only heard it on the news or newspapers and certainly was not working for them nor did my family have anything to do with that industry.

The planned community near Niagara Falls, NY was sited on landfill that held the toxic waste. After covering it over, Hooker sold it to the school district for $1, to build School 99. People died. I believe it is still a Superfund site.

I probably told a few friends before the class assignment. Everyone else thought it would be a lurid film that would not be shown in that place. I wanted them to see it, without knowing what it was about, so they could know what these people were going through.

The news around Buffalo was saturated with this story, perhaps still the largest environmental disaster in US history. Sadly, Dee


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