How Many Dogs?

Yesterday I had about seven, today four. Tomorrow may be three. Not really.

The weather here has been crazy. Cold one day, warm the next. This week the trees started to leave. Seriously. The wind is up and there are leaves all over the place. Homeowners are required to rake the leaves to the street where the city will pick them up with a truck, to make snow clearance easier, as if they do that. Luckily I’ve snow tires.

You’ll love to know that our fine city has had six warm months in which to fix potholes and sidewalks and re-paint crosswalks. They started last week, November. Our tax dollars at work.

About the number of dogs, I’ve two. One real, Zoe, and one her evil twin Chloe who is the one who leaves fur all over the house. I’ve never met, fed or taken Chloe out but like The Velveteen Rabbit I know she exists.

The rest is fur. I’ve been combing her for days. She loves baths but hates the comb-out. With the weather going from cold to warm her body doesn’t know what to do with the undercoat. Grow one and shed? Or keep it? If I had a loom and knitting needles, and knew how to use both, I could have a couple of really warm Zoe sweaters by now. Instead I use my hands, out walking her, and am giving a down comforter to every squirrel in the neighborhood. Then I comb her out.

No, when she passes I will not have a Zoe “bear rug” next to our non-existent fireplace. I would probably be forced to comb that out as well.

There are wrinkles in our weekend plans, health issues of others, that we must deal with. But Zoe will be taken care of. She was interviewed today by A, her weekend caretaker, plus dogs P and L who liked her. She passed the test. It beats being in a kennel with The Commandant.

I always know when we pick her up that she had a good time when she greets us calmly and happily, but not saying “get me out of here!!!” New dog owners need to read their dogs’ behavior.

At a seminar “many years ago” (I always say it, must have been my birthday the other day) a woman said that they just got a puppy and that she and her husband each work 12 hours per day so the dog is in a crate and is acting up. The instructor said “Ma’am, you and your husband do not deserve to have a dog.” Amen to that.

Zoe does not scratch doors, eat shoes or do anything negative. She herds us, and stares at us if she wants something. Out, I know. Food, I know. Precious (her only and indestructible toy), we know as she only plays it with my husband. There’s little else, except when my husband lets her eat chicken bones or a dead bird off the sidewalk. Then she vomits on our bed, her “safe place.”

I just got her off the quarantine regimen this year (extra rabies shots et all for overseas travel) because she’s getting old and unless we’re overseas for months I think the flights would be ill-advised for her.

Avoiding the elephant in the room, I did vote this morning. We’ll all look forward to a new President or moving elsewhere. I look forward to no negative ads and a significant drop in emails from dueling campaigns. Will be in touch, take care, Dee


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