Little Dog

I once knew a 3# Yorkshire Terrier named Savannah. She was too tiny to even wear the smallest size at the pet store so a joint friend, a retired milliner (hat maker) would sew her costumes. My favorite was the denim and gingham jacket with matching hat for our July 4 BBQ. One day she went purposefully away from our area of the park.

There were two large Rottweilers barking like crazy. I told Savannah’s “mom” we had to go and get her. She said no. Savannah told these big dogs off and they were quiet and walked away. S lived for another ten years. I don’t know about the Rotties!

Our country tends to give money to the rich (banks, insurance companies, wealthy people) and forgets the people who actually pay taxes.

I am a little dog going after an insurance company for denying a claim. I’ve done it before and won. Great story about that one, having the insurance commissioner call my agent after they dated my check the first of the month (the date due) then they cashed it in at the bank the morning of the 2nd and sent me a cancellation of policy notice.

Calling and telling my agent that fact plus that our state had a 15-day grace period did no good. I was an analyst working at the Legislature for insurance. I ran into the insurance commissioner at a reception, he rubbed his hands together with glee and told me to call in the morning. Two hours later my agent called and asked why I ever thought my policy was cancelled (the Commissioner had the paper canceling it). An hour later the Commissioner called, said he thought the guy peed his pants and that it was the most fun he’d ever had. btw I changed agents.

Sometimes the little dogs win. I’m going to win against my insurer and a huge hospital chain. My dog had bad hips and now she has none, had to grow her own but is silly happy) but has made her way for over 12 years. She used to roll down a hill belly-up and all the dogs left her alone. Why? She loved all the other dogs, people and their kids, and no dog wanted to eviscerate her.

She is a mascot and nearly 90 in people years. I’ve gone belly-up for a while to be left alone but no more. I’m going after the insurance and health “care” regimes because there is no doubt there is a cabal here. I just have to find the angle. A good lawyer wouldn’t hurt. Battle! Dee


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