There is something to be said for leaving the bull#### behind when one goes to work.

If one is in the service industry that serves people who pay one’s salary just leave the baggage behind. If you just got into an argument with your significant other, you’ve a professional duty to do your job and not carry it and hold it against the people who pay you.

Be professional. Show up. Do your job. You may be unhappy because your wife was upset that you didn’t rinse your dish or put down the toilet seat. Or your kid got a D in math.

Leave it. I always thought of work as a welcome excuse to leave family matters behind. For 14 hours a day with no family, seven days a week. But I was always sunny and productive and was always chosen for that job that married people made more to do,so that everyone else could go home to their families. I didn’t have one, I had a job.

We spend a lot to live where we do, and I expect someone on the job who is not absent or is ornery. I don’t ask for much, but my husband is about to get up way early this morning and fly out for the week. My dog is 88 in people years. I’m nearing sixty. I expect that as we’ve paid for someone to be behind the desk to call 911 they will do so if we do not return. If there is no-one, or if someone has a personal issue, we may not be able to come home. Note to self, life insurance.

If the current situation exists, and we’re still together and alive, it’s time to move. Of course we’re looking into other places in the US. Professionalism. If I can be professional while being sexually harassed by elected officials in elevators, anyone can. Oh, Dave, I just talked to your wife. How is Brenda doing in art school, I love her paintings. Deflection is an art in itself. Dee


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