Oh, Jeremy, where art thou?

You are sorely missed in these environs. I know you’re working your way up in the world and we love you for that, but I miss knowing that you’re here for your mere presence and for old Zoe’s and my safety.

We hope things are doing great with you and your gal. We are not expecting a wedding invitation but would love a note and address so we can send a gift.

You’re the only person who admonished me for going out the back door with Zoe once in the middle of the night, when I heard a homeless person coming up through the brush and we ran in the front door. You said to always go through the front door, you’ll see us and come get us or call 911 if we’re not back in five. Yes, sir! Now, we’re lucky to have some random person there. It’s usually bereft of staff, which is bad because my husband is gone all week and I have Zoe on my own.

Anyway, I enjoyed your presence here, and cooking for you occasionally. All the best to you and hopefully by now, your dear wife. It is a transition but worthwhile, we’ve been together nearly 15 years and things just work out. Even the wedding ring clanking on the dishes…. Did I just break Dad’s hand-made Italian platter he got us as a wedding present? No, it’s just the ring. One gets used to it. Dee


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