Is He OK?

That is what I ask myself all the time. I finally got a shower at eight p.m. tonight and when I got out, he and the dog were sound asleep.

He flies in late at night, and out 6:30 tomorrow morning. I’ve asked him for a list of ten dishes he loves and cannot get at restaurants. Last week he bought me an old-fashioned pastry bag, I have the tips, and we made cannelloni yesterday.

I am a worrier and do check, as he says, “on the plane, number, love you” and I check it out a couple of hours later. He gets in between nine p.m. and 1:00 a.m. and we’re getting up at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow to send him off again. I’ll take out the dog, feed her and make him breakfast. Then he leaves. Zoe (dog) and I like to walk him to the car and I take her for a real walk.

Texting is not my forte but he does text that he’s landed at the correct site. Until that time my heart beats double-time and as his wife of nearly 14 years, I’m allowed to worry. Other people, pilots, car rental companies, hotel managers, restaurants have him. Not me. I prefer us being together. He and Zoe are back asleep. Cheers from Dee


2 responses to “Is He OK?

  1. He’ll never get to the ten dishes: spaghetti and meatballs; cannelloni with veg stuffing; burgers; grilled cheese sandwich, oh I only got four! Let me possibly add chicken saltimbocca with proscuitto and fontina. That’s five. He’ll have to do the rest.

  2. Beautiful post .. I can feel with you.. Your love will always keep him warm and your prays to God safe.. Take care.. N keep smiling.. You are so good with words.. Cheers❤️

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