When we were kids we got paid fifty cents allowance per week and had to do many chores to earn that money. We were fined five cents every time we called each other dumb, stupid or an idiot.

We never ventured to learn if we learned to swear or place a hand on one another.We didn’t need to do so. We had words.

I’ve never been in a physical fight in my entire life and since I’m nearing sixty, will not engage in one. It is verbal or written. Yes, I have my fights. I am the butterfly (rest in peace Muhammed Ali) that dances around and finds out my foe’s weaknesses. Even what’s wrong with driving or walking the streets and how to sweet talk my way through the byways.

Words, writing will take him/her down. I can do it if I wish to put in the effort (sometimes it’s better to let it go) and hit them where it hurts, whether it’s a business that has treated me really badly or a restaurant with horrible food and service.

I think people have been taking advantage of my age, of late. Luckily I’ve my dog to protect me. It’s interesting that she protects me and I her, and my husband protects her (and me). Some folks, like my butchers, all know me and take good care of me.

Two weeks ago I lent someone a new piece of jewelry. Neither the lendee nor the jewelry has showed up for weeks. Today she is here. I don’t think she is long for this staff assignment so I asked for the piece back. She went into a locked closet until she thought I was gone for nearly an hour then finally came out and threw it at me.

Ah, gratitude. She wanted to learn how to twist metal and never thought I would miss my new bracelet. Hey girl, I wear a wedding ring, Claddagh ring, two magnetic golf bracelets and a Turkish evil eye bracelet from my Dad. I’m not into jewelry so know when things are missing. Oh, I do keep pearls from my great aunt’s wedding in the 40’s but rarely, if ever, wear them. All the rest of her stuff was stolen decades ago including the pewter/wood cigarette box she gave me to put all the sapphires in. I’ve been looking for them on eBay for years.

I still have faith in people, most people. And animals. No, you can’t take me to the Pound because I’ll end up with an extra dog! There’s already a dog around and he’s blind. He and Zoe get along great. They enjoy each others’ presence but ignore each other all the time! As a visitor, I love that! Dee


One response to “Words

  1. I don’t get paper news these days, luckily, as I collect enough paper already. This morning I sat on the sofa downstairs a la my neighbor and amassed some information from the Times, WSJ and the local rag while awaiting someone, who was in a foul mood to earn what we pay her to do. Questions, packages, drycleaning. Returning items to residents. I will miss my neighbors who move out next month. He checks on me weekly when my husband is away on business. This week he gave me a bottle of Ensure. Such sweethearts that will be missed dearly.

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