My Heroes

Yes, there’s my father, and we’re going on a trip for his birthday. Then there’s my husband of nearly 14 years.

When I asked Dad his New Years’ resolutions, as we were alway seeing family slides of him in the Army I used to say “wake me when I’m borned.” His Resolution was alway to be as perfect as he was the last year.

I love him dearly. There is no question that he made me who I am. He made me kind, compassionate, smart, and a competitor. He made me believe I could be an Olympian, Astronaut or President. I had a great career but am now a wife and a dog mom, the ****************, I can’t let you use it because after I hit 100K I’m changing blogs, if anyone ever uses blogs anymore as I don’t tweet.

As to my husband after 15 years together he derives value in knowing that he has to go through less stuff with the government that allows me not to be interrogated by the TSA while he goes through the quick line that does not involve shoe or laptop removal. He’s carrying BBQ beef, not allowed but he got through right away and was luckily hanging on to my purse, shoes and laptop while they ran me through naked, pat-down and bomb residue. Me?

He’s a “go-to” guy and a great leader of people with serious software skills. So am I, a go-to gal but not on that scale, as he says I’m on the “soft side” with Soc and Psych. I’ve skills, and help people and animals but am retired. Our dog Zoe is old and a mascot to the community. Recently immigrant neighbors who do not traditionally like dogs have knelt in her presence and petted her.

I only created the calmness and education, not the presence. Same with my old dog Chani. Setting the stage by making them good dogs made a difference. You know I only adopt from shelters. It is a testament to them for bringing their energy and lives to others. Neighbors bought a tree for the city for Chani, and I know when Zoe leaves us at least some folks may water a favorite tree for her. I already know a place for her ashes. It’s in Texas. Dee


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