The Sun Will Come Up

today, bet your bottom dollar it’s 4:30, come what may. I need my beauty sleep, so have gone UBD for early morning, come what may. Tomorrow is only a day away.

UBD is our code for under bed dog. She goes under my side of the bed to stay out of the sun (the shades are down) and assure that I cannot go anywhere without her knowledge. I’m in the den now and expect her to be at my feet at any moment. She’s a herder. We’re her pack. Yes, but I’m the morning gal with food and a walk. When he’s in town my husband takes her for long walks and plays ball with her in the house. He’s the fun guy and takes her out at night. I’m the food wench and disciplinarian. And you wonder why we don’t have kids.

We had folks here for spring cleaning yesterday and I was really pleased with the results. Give them high fives, Zoe! 20 minutes after they left I’d brushed out Zoe on a towel and placed the bag with dog fur in the trash and she ambled out to sleep on the living room rug (her beds are still outside) and there was dog fur all along the hallway.

My husband agrees that no matter what I do I cannot win the war against fur, no matter how many times I bathe or brush her out. That’s the way it is,said Walter Cronkite, my favorite news personality. Good morning. She’s not here yet, must be tired as she needs at least 20 hours of sleep per day to look as gorgeous as she is. Dee


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