It’s “C” Day!

It’s also Dee Day because spring cleaning was done today. It took two ladies 3.5 hours each but was worth every penny. I took time out to groom the dog. She was in our bedroom when they left. Twenty minutes later she was lying in the living room. There was dog fur all over the hallway that was just mopped. Ah, well, it’ll be regular from now on.

So, C can be for Clean. Also, I made my regular lasagne recipe yesterday, my “10 Minute Lasagne” from this blog, probably with better sauce (bottled) and no-boil Canneloni, another C. My husband liked it so much better. I will have to get a pastry bag and some tips because the zip-top bag didn’t work very well and it took the two of us to make it go. He squeezed the bag. I held up the noodles until they were filled and placed them in the sauce.

And the kicker is that my husband rarely comes into the kitchen except to get water, ice or Dr. Pepper. A few years ago it was my idea for a community herb garden. Now people are actually using it, yea! I bring scissors once a week to keep the plants from bolting too soon.

Saturday I trimmed the plants and took a small sampling and buzzed them up with butter, salt and pepper. We made a wonderful steak (second is in the freezer for when he’s home next weekend) and baked potatoes and I had no sour cream, something I can do without but that he loves. I refrigerated one butter, froze the second in ramekins.

When he saw what I was putting on the potatoes, he said, oh, that’s a compound butter!  Excuse me, who is this man and what have you done with my husband???

To his credit he has wanted to learn pancakes (where I even whip egg whites for really light, fluffy ones) and hand-crank egg pasta. Nothing new recently. But when have you had a guy who doesn’t even know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich ask about compound butter? Yes, I think he’s spent nearly 15 years around me. Who else would lobby for a community herb garden?

He tells folks I’ve created a food snob. He used to eat individually wrapped string cheese and leave wrappers from his frig to computer. Now he opines on the age of cheddar. Compoundedly and confusedly yours, Dee


One response to “It’s “C” Day!

  1. Perhaps I’ll buy him a cardigan with suede patches on the elbows, get him scholarly glasses and an unlit pipe (not the O Brother Where Art Thou version) and send him to tony grocery stores to talk about meat, strange fruits, and cheese. Oh, and ice cream. Those are the places I usually lose him. He’s quite tall and tough to lose, we’ll be together fifteen years this fall…

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