What Did You Do…

this summer? Inevitably the teacher mispronounces your name and you must correct her/him and ask to use your nickname and mine is Dee.

This is the first page you’ll have to write. I love that my neighbors grand-kids can write about all the things they’ve seen with their grandparents, fireworks and water parks and much more. They also got to see their canine friend, our Zoe, and start to learn Backgammon and Braille. Their Grands’ neighbor’s dog is blind and the kids love dogs. They haven’t met yet but we’re not jealous. They’ve loved Zoe for years. I’ve my reasons for this.

I did a lot of research into the Braille. Kiddos came over this morning and were immersed in both, multi-tasking. Later, they tasked me to go down to the garage to witness the state of my license plate, which they are putting down on a list of states they’ve seen in the past week.

This is the killer of cheat sheets for that first day “What Did You Do Last Summer” paper. Zoe and I are pleased to participate in their July 4 vacation. Cheers, Dee and Z


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