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What Did You Do…

this summer? Inevitably the teacher mispronounces your name and you must correct her/him and ask to use your nickname and mine is Dee.

This is the first page you’ll have to write. I love that my neighbors grand-kids can write about all the things they’ve seen with their grandparents, fireworks and water parks and much more. They also got to see their canine friend, our Zoe, and start to learn Backgammon and Braille. Their Grands’ neighbor’s dog is blind and the kids love dogs. They haven’t met yet but we’re not jealous. They’ve loved Zoe for years. I’ve my reasons for this.

I did a lot of research into the Braille. Kiddos came over this morning and were immersed in both, multi-tasking. Later, they tasked me to go down to the garage to witness the state of my license plate, which they are putting down on a list of states they’ve seen in the past week.

This is the killer of cheat sheets for that first day “What Did You Do Last Summer” paper. Zoe and I are pleased to participate in their July 4 vacation. Cheers, Dee and Z


Heirloom carrots

Last night I made a potato salad with a variety of colors. Tonight I smell roasting heirloom carrots.

I’ve more tomatoes to make a corn and tomato salad with perhaps some blistered Hatch chili and a balsamic vinaigrette. Oh, and our local Italian specialty store has these fantastic sun-dried tomatoes that I put in the corn salad, corn is raw and just sliced off the cob. Summer at its best.

Tonight it’s brats on the grill. No potatoes. We’ll have the tomato/corn salad and roasted heirloom carrots. Even with thunder, lightning and rain outside we’ll still grill. In the Rockies, my husband used to shovel his way to the grill all winter. Down coat, furred Cossack hat, gloves, good to go.

* * *

Oh, the dogs are doing great together, ours and our neighbor’s visitor. They’re playing and teaching each other bad things. My dog is nearly 12 years old. Little one is nearing two. Guess who’s learned more bad habits to teach. Sorry!

Little one free-feeds at home. Not here. I introduced the “special sauce” and she eats in ten minutes. Zoe eats the same amount in one minute and tries to poach our guest’s food. I place her in another room and with the “special sauce” our guest eats in about ten minutes.

What is that sauce, you ask? Chicken broth. When our Zoe was a pup she wasn’t drinking water or getting enough fluids so I’d add a tablespoon (a splash) of chicken broth to her dinner and she ate it up like crazy.

Yesterday I went wild and instead of boxed chicken broth I made a roasted chicken and saved the juices. They had a lovely dinner tonight with homemade broth and are sleeping near each other in the living room. All is quiet chez Dee. Hope you’re having a great evening also. Dee

End of Summer

We think the last teens participating in high-caliber sporting events have gone now.  It’s always fun to have them here though a few more people than we’re used to.

Today I chose in my weekly delivery of bottled milk ($1.50 deposit each), juice, eggs, and bacon a produce box.  It was filled with green and red peppers, tons of chili peppers (serrano, jalapeno, ancho, and fresno), some pears, cukes and apples.  Looks like we’ll be having some spicy food this week!

I’ve been working on a new dish.  My inspiration was from BBQU.com for the flatbread, though I’ve changed the recipe provided by master chef Steven Raichlen.  Also a recipe for lamb kabobs that I’ve been making with other meats and seasonings.

Think of a hot-dog sized seasoned meat patty on homemade grilled fry bread.  Then I made my own tzatziki, and garnished with tomato slices and thinly sliced white onion.

I’m working on it.  As of tonight I know with our grill, even with a new propane tank, I have to cook the breads first.  Next time.  It’s great bread just to rip and dip into seasoned olive oil.  I could do that for breakfast.

Next week I’ll hit the farmers’ market on Wednesday and see what’s fresh.  Our season has been delayed by weeks here by late winter storms.  I told my mechanic yesterday that my snow tires are on because it snowed in June and will again in October and I only drive a few miles per day.  I’ll save $160 changing them out.

What we do out west to hard boil an egg or drive down an icy street we make up in good neighbors (we need good neighbors in this harsh climate) as if there’s any kind of emergency, we know the few folks who are here year-round and they know us, even though mostly it’s in parkas and boots.

It was a pleasure to help organize a pot luck on July 3 for all our regular neighbors, plus some folks who come here every year on vacation.  It’s good to see everyone before school starts again and there are only a few of us here ’til ski season.

Sometimes we have to come back to reality in the place, one of the most beautiful in the US, we call home.  That’s when a former neighbor, an Olympic medalist, dies in a local canyon.  Anything can happen here, an avalanche or car crash but because of the severity of the weather we have to be prepared.

Yes, there are still a few winter coats that need to be cleaned and that last load of PolarTec gloves and hats that we’ll be needing soon, so I better get to work as summer is nearly over and it’s barely started here as there are not even tomatoes or peaches….  Cheers, Dee