I thought they were gone, was sad and was about to pack up their presents for Grandma and Grandpa to take next time they visit.

Neighbors told me they’d been calling out our dog Zoe’s name while we were out. I got a pretty American Flag hair bow for Miss A, and a backgammon game that is wallet-sized and magnetic to keep them entertained on the long journey home.

Counseled on Braille, their grandparents (the kids are 10 and 8) live next to a blind dog, an old friend of ours. The kids both multi-tasked between Backgammon and Braille. Pretty impressive, plus they petted Zoe every so often. Zoe was not happy at not being the center of attention so I had to take her for an extra walk after they went out for an excursion with their grandparents.

It’s great to see such smart kids. I know that Zoe will be lost in their memories soon which is why I made a gift and got a tiny game so they would remember us all. Teenagers. We just have a dog who’s probably 88 in “people years.” Her teens were spent growing her own hips from cartilage. The only thing we never taught her was not to jump up, because she couldn’t for years.

Yep, after the fireworks my husband took her out on the 16′ leash which I never use as it has no control. She got a chicken bone and crunched it. He made her spit it out but overnight she vomited on our bed and twice in the hall. Everyone was out there on blankets with food so what does a well-fed dog do? Look for scraps. Hey, I’m just the Dog Mom and love the kiddos, Dee

p.s. They came back to call on us later because they’re compiling a list of states they’ve seen on license plates in the past week. I was gone when they perused the garage but took them downstairs to get a new one, mine. They’re not taking photos or numbers, only states, a great Grands game!


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