Ending Thyme

I’m good at it. First I drown it, then I dry it out. Both have wilted.

Years ago I created a community garden here and the pots are out but there are no plants. It’s such a short growing season I came over every week to keep the cilantro, parsley, thyme, rosemary, chives et al from bolting and going to seed. Chives are perennials so they should be kept around.

With no outdoor herb garden to “shop and chop” in, I had to do it myself. The thyme is dead. I’ve also heard it’s difficult to grow lavender. Basil, cilantro, flat leaf parsley, rosemary and some sage still look OK. Indoor growing, lots of cold days.

Some look to save time, I look to save thyme. Both, actually. Dee


2 responses to “Ending Thyme

  1. OMG I have killed our Thyme too! My roommate loves fresh herbs to cook with. So instead of buying them from the store for them to die in the refrigerator I started a herb garden in the kitchen. I believe the first set my cat ate and maybe used the dirt as hipster bathroom. The second batch is still going we have some 8 different flavors of mint, basil, cilantro (maybe), and two types of thyme. We are down to half of one plant…. and thyme is running out. :)

  2. OK, take a breath. Buy a packet of summer wheatgrass seeds, get a couple of 4″ plastic pots and plant them indoors on a plate in a windowsill, in good soil. Water them. Rotate the pots, new seeds in damp soil in the other pot. Your cat will be in heaven. I got in trouble because dogs visiting my cat (yes, they used to run away from home to see him) ate the wheat grass I placed outside in a big pot and the neighborhood asked me not to leave it outdoors as, well, intestinal issues were being resolved and they did not wish for our assistance. Thanks for writing in! Oh, keep the wheatgrass away from your herb garden lest there be pee. And if that is the issue, stay away from homemade wheatgrass juice! Dee

    ps I think I caught one plant in the nick of thyme.Sage advice from someone who just lost a sage plant.

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