One Day at a Thyme

One thyme plant came back! The other didn’t.

Sun, shade, filtered sun, clouds. If the herbs were in their natural environment, the ground, I could deal with it. I am God here and decide, because we no longer have my community garden, what rain to put in and when to dry out. It is a delicate balance.

When I talk to my dear father-in-law who has a cattle ranch in Texas, he always says there’s a dearth of rain or a flood, too little or too much.

It’s been 14 years but I finally get it. He’s running cattle on hundreds of acres and knows what to do, including getting calves across the river they’re closing (see PBS for  a show on Beau d’Arc Creek, he’s in it).

I can’t manage three indoor herb pots water-wise. I love going to Thanksgiving every year with my husband’s folks and his mother and I do cooking marathons and she always has some fresh herbs from her garden. Unless J, on the tractor, has accidentally sprayed them with weed repellent.

Let’s face it. I’m not good with plants. But now I do buy my husband flowers every week. I can’t figure out how to insert a photo in this new format so I’ll just say white Hydrangeas and Allium (purple garlic flowers that do not smell). I wanted thistles but they didn’t go with my arrangement. Cheers! Shhhh, let them sleep (husband and dog) as it’s nearly 7 a.m. and at least the dog wants to get up, go out and be fed. Dee



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