To Wellness and Vision

I haven’t had new glasses for nine years, prescribed, only reading glasses from the drug store around the house in various strengths, and rooms (in sleeves to keep dust off) for computer, reading, very light for walking the dog, cooking. Reading cookbooks would take more than I have in that room.

Luckily I do read cookbooks as books when I get them. Then I am more likely to recall which book it came from or have the wherewithal to pull something new up. Also I’m lucky to be a cook, not a baker. And to move across country with not a single book, for three years, and if I wanted to cook a Texas chili I’d just look up the LBJ Presidential Library and find Lady Bird’s recipe and change things up Dee-style.  Hey, I bring that chili into my grocery for my butchers, and we choose the meat and I break it down and do the Texas grind at home by myself.

Anyone can put up a trifle with cake, flavored whipped cream and berries. That’s my kind of dessert. I can also make mincemeat tarts with homemade pastry and mincemeat from a jar or vanilla ice cream (good stuff from the store) with berries. I just don’t sift through recipes for desserts.

This year I went for a glasses homage (won’t have them for at least two weeks) to style and three ladies I admire: my neighbor A, I can’t wait to show them to her; the famed Hollywood costume designer Edith Head; and the animated film “The Incredibles” designer, based on Edith Head, Edna Mode.

As for now, until I need a prescription refilled or have an issue, I’m retiring for a year from having my eyes poked and probed and fluffed five times in three weeks. I’ll try on my new glasses in a couple of weeks and if they work I may have my old ones fitted with new lenses as in-home back-up. No-one is touching my eyes for a year. Cheers and see well, also have vision. Dee



One response to “To Wellness and Vision

  1. You will have to post a picture of the glasses. I just got new glasses but my eyes were dilated when I was looking for new frames. So here I was squinting and blurry eyed trying to pick out frames. I think they did it on purpose. But I did pick out a cute pair.

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