I’ve never been into them. Mom did Dad’s shirts, I can’t do my husband’s because they’re big with long sleeves and I can just drop them off downstairs and they’ll be done better. He told me they do it better and I can live with that, saves me 45 minutes ironing per shirt plus washing and hanging dry. My aunts went way overboard. Aunt J did her son’s t-shirts and underwear back in the day. Aunt L, when we visit, still insists on ironing my husband’s undershirts and boxer briefs.

Why? I wonder. Aunt J is no longer around to tell me but Aunt L says ironing is relaxing. I always thought cooking was relaxing, except for a crowd, entertaining. But that’s what I do.

I realized that the $10 irons I was buying were not handling all the linen skirts and dresses I was wearing back in the day. When we went to Aunt L’s one time I had to iron something. I put distilled water in, it heated up, was heavy and did everything the first time, not the third or fourth time of spray bottle and cheap iron.

Now, I’ve a Rowenta iron and distilled water and my Aunt L’s linen hand towels are perfectly pressed. I must confess two things. Ironing is not relaxing to me, I’d rather be in the kitchen. Also, I do not iron my husband’s underwear. OK, it’s said. It’s out there.

Now it’s all about ink. Ink for the beast of a printer, and for my little old-fashioned pen. Hey, he’s home so we need to do stuff like send him to a tailor and me to a grocery. Insurance, car registration. It’s the weekend, that’s our fun! Cheers, Dee

ps I am not a monetized site, Rowenta does not pay me anything and has never asked for me to endorse them in any way. Aunt L didn’t ask either. I just was amazed, just as I was with toasters years ago. Live and learn from the best, Dee


One response to “Irons

  1. I am totally not an Iron-er either. I am more of a cooker or a reader or gardener. My mom used to iron all my dads shirts but of course she sewed them too. :)

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