The Fear of God

Dad used his half bi-focal glasses to see us and drive and work, and the bottom bi-focal part to read the newspaper and work papers.

He also used them, at his young age of 40+, to scare off my potential boyfriends. Dad, with piercing blue eyes, would place the newspaper in his lap and look over the top of the glasses. “Where are you going?” “The movies, sir.”

What movie? If you can show me your newspaper I can show you the movie, it’s rated PG and I’ll have her home by ten. OK. They were so scared of him. I love him so much and have every day of my life. He didn’t want me to be weighed down, wanted me to be everything I could be in life. I’m not an astronaut or president of the US but he made me feel that I could be.

Tonight I ran into staff here, a young man nearing a bar exam. I said to him that he is concerned about his finals, bar exam and career. When I say hello to him I’ve been through that and leave him concerned about whether my dog poops. That’s retirement.

We’ll, I’ve got concierge care service in eyeglasses as well, as 20 years later than Dad needed bifocals, they’re now seamless so you can drive and read with the same glasses and not have five pair of drugstore glasses around the house for different purposes. These two are in the office, this in the bedroom and these in the living room. OK, we’re set.

I went wild this time, hopefully it’ll work sometime next week. My neighbor, who I respect and enjoy her and her husband’s company, has round glasses. The idea was based on famed Hollywood costume designer Edith Head. Also Alma Mode, the fictional animated character in The Incredibles who played… costume designer as I believe to be an amalgam of Edith Head and Linda Hunt, with tea.

With my age I may be able to pull it off, beautiful frames, it’s a matter if I can get used to the bifocals. Well, we don’t have kids, only an old spayed dog, and they’re not half, but full glasses so I’ll give it a try. I don’t have any young men to frighten, or gals. Plus, I don’t have the gravitas my father or husband bring to a situation. My husband sat on a plane today to get to work and occasionally had to take the hand of a passenger suffering panic attacks. Now that’s the man I know and love. No bi-focals with him. If it weren’t for his contacts, he’d be legally blind but still brilliant!

Thanks, Dad, for meeting every one of the boys, weeding out the bad ones. Come to think of it, there weren’t any bad ones, like criminals, only ones that weren’t good for me. Thanks for approving the one I picked forever. Cheers and watch out for your kids! Dee


2 responses to “The Fear of God

  1. p.s. Dear, you left your reading glasses at home. We’ll have to figure out a new system. D

  2. My new glasses have a larger frame. I think we live in the windiest place in town, triangular towers a block from the lake and the wind just whips around and the dog has to go out at least 4X per day. Just like sunscreen, protect.

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