I went to the eye specialist yesterday for a follow-up from surgery and she said two wonderful words. Healed, and that the growth was benign, not cancerous. She did say that something could grow back and that in 20 years I may need cataract surgery. I may or may not be around for that.

She also said I don’t need to see her again unless I’ve a problem, and that it’s now OK to get new glasses.

To celebrate I’d already ordered very early birthday gifts for me and a friend. We’re the same age but I’m Scorpio and she’s Sag so I’m older. Headbands with a bow. We’ll open them this weekend together and clink them together as if it was champagne and our birthday. Thank you, Nordstrom! It’s the most comfortable headband I’ve ever worn.

I opened all the shades so my husband could see the lake and views yesterday then got up at 4 a.m. to close all the shades so he can sleep in. He just arrived late last night and leaves Monday dawn, again.

We’ll see what we can do about this. I may be able to go see him one weekend a month that would save him time and flights, if I can have someone stay with Zoe the old dog. In the meantime I’ve a rough woven sweater with a loop hanging out. He, the physicist and software engineer, went out and bought a crochet hook and fixed it once. Not enough but the crochet hook is in the sewing kit. But who’s husband knows how to buy or use a crochet hook. Very few. I don’t want to know.

One who’s mother sews quilts and stitches me linen hand towels with my favorite herbs (when she was on bed rest after leg surgery, she’s OK), that I even iron. I like to use them as napkins for guests at dinner but guests think they’re too pretty to use so I’ve found another way to display MIL’s and my Aunt’s hand towels and must make it happen.

I failed my sewing badge in Girl Scouts, age seven. The “leader” called everyone around and they all laughed at my work at her suggestion. I remember her to this day. I stuck it out selling cookies, found that not as delightful as I’d planned (back in the day when we had to go door-to-door) then quit. She was a horrible leader, sitting there, with sweat stains down to her waist and never moving from her chair and yelling at us. I didn’t need to volunteer to do that after school. Back to violin, piano, choir, ballet.

I’m getting older, may get cataracts in time but no more treatment needed. New glasses may afford me a better perspective on life, as was going to my barber the day after eye surgery and asking him to cut off 8″ of hair. He did, and I’m better for it. You’ve heard about winning a battle but not the war? I’ve not won a battle and never will win the war, with my hair. It does what it wants, when it wants. “Smoothing Serum” only makes it look stringy and dirty. C’est la vie.

Let’s let things go. No more smoothing serum, play with your hair. Give with heart and soul. Love your spouse, your pets. Cook with abandon. Have guests for dinner. Make them good food.

Get rid of dog undercoat on carpet who is really shedding now. Bath first thing today, dog not me. Launder dog towels. 24 hours from bath (she hates hair dryers so I bathe her at home and let her air dry like Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry McGuire) then comb her out. This time she needs a pre-comb-out. Too much undercoat.

That’s how my life goes. It’s about priorities. I once had a boss that said we needed a meeting about “priorities” and I had to bring her every file on my desk. She went over who knows, I’ll guess 99 files and said they were all of equal priority and all had to be done asap. Write the annual report, keep everyone happy and I’ll be fine. She was looking to fire me. I quit, instead…. and went to cooking school! Cheers, Dee





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