I care dearly about my readers, especially those who read me often and have kept with me through the years.

My vow was to stop at 1,000 posts. I’m now short of 3,000 because of you, I don’t care that I get anywhere else on the charts, I just hope that once or twice I gave you a recipe or a story that worked for you and your family to enjoy.

I’ll go for the 3K posts. This blog has been 99% of the real me but I’ve protected others, including my family, friends and those I’ve written about by protecting their identities.

Dishonor? I think not. I’ve done well by all for many years.Not all on a blog. That would do a disservice to those I’ve helped. Human, canine, feline. A catastrophic issue happened to our family and I fix things. I can’t fix this thing but can make it better. That’s what I do.

I’ll stop at 3,000, a few to go. There are more works than you will ever know. In memory of all lost in war, or illness. Dee


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