Nasty Things

Taxes, ugh. I finished them this morning. Feds and multiple states. Oh, don’t go to Maine. My husband was there for eight days and owes $500 for the privilege, and he can’t even eat seafood. That took 3 hours.

Then I spent a couple of hours on health insurance. OK, a few. After over two weeks we got a policy number that did not work. No policy, no cards, no proof. That was a downer after finishing and submitting taxes.

My husband has a very nice old car in our garage that’s battery is dead. It’s dusty because he’s been away on business so much. Mine is slimed with rain, snow and mush but it works and I just need to run it through the car wash.

His battery is dead. They’re power washing the garage next week and he’s still away so I arranged to have it towed (better than the alternative) to my mechanic and have a bit of work done on it.

Yes, I’ll get to the rest of the bills tomorrow, I was just a bit busy today and never even got to dinner at this late hour but took Zoe out four times and fed her twice. That’s what even dog “mom’s” do.

Business is the order of the day. That’s the way it is. Dee

ps There is a situation going on with family today, please help in thinking about all. Thank you, Dee


5 responses to “Nasty Things

  1. We switched insurances mid year and paid out of pocket for a month. Lots of paperwork there. Ugggh. Taxes

  2. I hope what ever is going on comes out well and with the best possible outcome for all involve. You are in my thoughts!

  3. Surgery tomorrow. No one’s here with me. I’ll have to get the dog taken care of, temporarily or permanently. My husband gets everything except a few pictures on the walls that have nothing to do with my husband’s interests (no dance) and one my Dad painted and three from a local artist in Florence of local settings. No more maudlin stuff. I hear tomorrow will be painful, and for a significant period of time. Wish me luck.

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