At my advanced age I hate to say this but I really don’t trust people who have never had or loved a pet. Someone who has never cared for a spouse or living being their entire life because they’re “too busy” or wish to collect coins.

A guy asked me this morning about the white stuff on my dog Zoe’s coat. I said she was shedding her winter undercoat. Yes, spring is coming late up here. Of course she sheds her undercoat 365 a year, 366 on leap years. It’s all over floors and carpets even though I tend to it every 48 hours!

She has tufts coming out so needs a brushing, bath (I do that at home). 24 hours drying by herself then a comb-out. I need to pay some bills and do some business here so won’t get to that ’til the weekend.

As a young woman I asked why someone’s cat jumped on my lap and put his butt in my face. He was purring like crazy. He liked me! Yes, that was the answer.

I adopted two kitties after that who I had for many years and I knew their personalities, and neither placed their butts in my face, they walked aong my kybotf. Yes, mess up the keyboard. Nate was older and did not want to be chased by Mickey. Both purred. I bought them a blanket for Christmas one year only to lay on the sofa under it for five minutes while one went over and one went under and then wiggled out after they slept and they snuggled, unbeknonwnst, with each other so I could work.

There’s no disdain, just a lack of understanding of people who don’t “get” either people or animals. Zoe loves to be lifted up onto the bed but when the sun begins to come up she goes underneath, under my pillow so I can’t leave her. She’s a herder and a chow hound. She loves her one and only indestructible toy, we call “Precious.”

I believe one needs to take care of something, hamster, bird, fish, cat, dog, horse, cow or whatever before taking on a spouse and creating a family. Zoe’s hip surgeon, Dr. Val, used to have us stay over. When Zoe and went out the earth shook at 6 a.m. There were a horse and huge STEER, Pork Chop, following us in the yard thinking it was Val coming to feed them! It was a good lesson for both of us. Pup Zoe freaked out.

People I meet these days are living in a bubble. They’ve little or no family, no spouse and no pet and they hang out with strangers and talk about the weather or newspaper.

It is my wish that we build a cabin in the mountains and I have a huge chest freezer and shop at a grand market once a month and perhaps have a book club with ladies from town, and tea. On our own land I can toss a ball for our old Zoe without a $300 off-leash ticket. Get to know the neighbors, bring over banana bread or corn custard with chorizo. Take care of their dogs when they’re out of town. And host dinner parties with Texas Chili or whatever else is on my menu.

That’s who I am. They call me the dog lady. I can’t help it. I would be the cat lady as well but my husband is deathly allergic. There’s a story! Cheers, Dee


3 responses to “Trust

  1. I need the recipe for the corn custard w/chorizo!!!
    (but remember, Pork Chop was a STEER ;-) – masculine gender!

  2. Sorry V, I don’t know bovines except when Joe bounces me around on the four-wheeler showing me all the baby calves. I must tell you that if my dogs or cats ever disliked a guy bringing me on a date I’d ditch him right away. I’m a good judge of character but they just knew, spot on. Jimmy passed! And we got Zoe a year after we married. One of the best decisions we’ve made.

  3. The cat lady can live in the woods in a log cabin overlooking the mountains or a lake. I’ve worked with over 2,000 feral cats. I can feed and care for them outside. I know what traps to get to bring them to the vet for spay/neuter/treatment. They won’t sit on my lap and purr, or sit on my bladder to get me up to feed them. They won’t hurt J’s allergies and all will be well and I’ll just have to wash hands more often and perhaps shower again before and put laundry up before he gets home. No, Vet Lady there will be no horses or steers. That’s outside my wheelhouse. D

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