I was never allowed to have one, and really I didn’t understand why my girlfriends liked them. Years later, my favorite college professor, Fr. Cap taught a class on, yes, Barbie. He pointed out her proportions if the doll was made into a woman, and making that the standard for male likes of a female figure.

The numbers were grotesque and unimaginable. Even Kate Moss wouldn’t have made the cut. The most enviable class in school showed us that women can be women.

Fr. C and I were friends for over 40 years, he was my advisor, before he died.

So I went and got a Barbie of my own, over 12 years ago. She was from a shelter and had worms and coccidia. A couple months after we got her at six weeks, already spayed (I draw the line at 8 weeks, not five) I had to make a decision to get her hips removed. She grew her own from cartilage, there were no hip replacements for small dogs back then.

She prides herself on beauty sleep of at least 20 hours per day, wouldn’t I love to look that good as she’s way older than me in people years.

She sits by my feet at all times and follows me everywhere,doing a serpentine in front of me when I’ve a load of laundry to fold. How could Barbie do that?

She’s a sweet, smart, intense, demanding herding dog who loves to sleep on our bed and pester us. Right now my husband is working elsewhere so she’s extra vigilant and is sleeping under my desk.

Mom is long gone but I have My Barbie, and she’s real. A rescue with no hips. It’s taken a lot of time and effort and training but she’s great with people (kids too) and other dogs, even some cats as she was trained by me and a cat. Don’t worry, we’re not looking for a doggie Ken. She was spayed at five weeks by the shelter.

Look for personality. Get your adoption dog or cat (yes, adopt) to a vet. Talk to your family. Then adopt. I say spend $100 then the rest on hip surgery!

Please adopt from your local shelter. You’ll find your own Barbie and Fr. C, God rest his soul, would appreciate that you love and care for that pet forever. We’re Franciscans, after all. Here in solitude with my girl Zoe, Dee




2 responses to “Barbie

  1. I love your article! And if I ever wanted a Barbie, it would only be one like yours :) Funnily enough, all my (rescue) dogs were described as plain, not particularly attractive but …beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think all my dogs and cats are exceptionally pretty ;)

    • Mine is called cute and friendly. A neighbor’s purebred dog is called gorgeous and everyone wants to pet her. Mine is 84 in “people years.” The sweetheart is probably 18. She’s a purebred stunner and mine’s an Aussie mutt. I choose mine, even though they get along perfectly as sisters. We’ll take care of Zoe’s sister any day. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Dee

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