She Sleeps

Probably 20 hours per day which is why she is so gorgeous at 84 in “people years.” People think she’s a pup because she’s so happy and energetic.

Zoe’s worried about me so will probably be a foot away from me any moment now in my office. She never stays this close. Worries about the food wench leaving earth must be there.

All I want is proof of health insurance we paid for, they haven’t cashed the check or given the broker a number or temporary cards. My husband leaves overseas tomorrow and he has a scan of a temporary international insurance policy that we purchased outside of health insurance. I asked him to print it and take it with him because he cannot use his new iPhone for anything over there.

We went through this health insurance debacle last month where we talked to the folks, submitted the information and we had to cancel the check because this employer would not answer our phone calls or cash our check or give us the insurance we agreed on.

I’m getting tired of trying to get COBRA or private insurance. The broker says they’re working on it but it’s too late to even FedEx my husband a temporary insurance card.

Zoe jumped off the bed (her front quarters are good, I have to “Otis”her back up in a moment.) She is a foot away from me again. Husband’s gone so she has to herd someone. That would be me.

This new ACA health insurance deal is being manipulated by insurance companies to gain health insurance for people who need federal assistance with payments, not for the private market. I couldn’t get anyone at a major company we’ve been with to answer the phone. It’s not surprising as that’s what they always do. Profits, no service. Par for the course. Hey, I worked insurance law back in the day. “Will Increase Premiums” was all they said. But we did get Well Baby Care done even with that caveat and it has helped families, and insurance companies, over many years.

Let’s fix it, not let things lie. Let Zoe go back and get her beauty sleep. I’m worried about things. She’s worried about me and we both care about my husband, the fun guy. I’m only the disciplinarian and food wench. Dee




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