My Framer

Ms. K has consorted with me several years to get important things framed. Today I’d like to share with her a print, Japanese block print from the artist who was the first in the 1700’s to do full color wood block prints.

Why do I have this print? I took care of a neighbor’s dog.

There is a frame I was unsure about. It was an idea I had, the usual three a.m. idea to re-frame a theater by revitalizing its’ youth program. I ran it by them and they didn’t like it but they were making $64 for three days and I decided to buy out the theater. I got a sponsor who wrote a check immediately.

They said they’d lose money. OK, $64 vs. $2,400 plus press attention. Gimme a break. Donors paid for all the tickets and we only asked for snacks for orphans. We did a Christmas tree with volunteer “gingerbread” ornaments made from grocery bags, a Menorah (donor, electric, don’t yell fire in a theater) and an homage to other religions.

It was The Firebird and The Christmas Roses. It was beautiful, I saw it twice. And I had to load up my Jeep and take all the gifts to the orphanage.

The youth coach got to keep his job. I got listed top of the bill as “coordinator.” All the kids signed this bill for me and I found it a couple years ago.

My framer and I consulted on it and for the first time she said she’d surprise me. It was the holidays back then so the playbill was all red and green.

It took two years but it goes over the old oak dresser my mother gave me, and with the red/green paisley duvet cover she gave as well, God bless her.

And what did my framer do? Make it look like a theater poster on a wall in NYC.  I love it. Kids for Kids was one of the greatest projects in my life and now I’ve ornaments and signatures of those present. That is what one remembers in life.

In addition to sponsorship a good friend donated in memory of her lost children, I love you Mrs.L. Dee


One response to “My Framer

  1. Yes, Mrs. L’s obituary is in the frame, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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