Being “By”

Aunt L used those words but now after many years I know what they mean. No dictionary over the downstairs “loo” taught me this. Yes, when I emerged I had to define a word, spell it and use it in a sentence.

When my husband is home he’s always by, and when our Zoe knows I’m in danger she’s a foot away. She’s by.

Husband is away. Zoe’s “by” right behind my desk chair. She’s worried about me.

She is such an intuitive dog that should have been allowed as a therapy dog. She is so great with adults, kids, other dogs, even cats. Why dis-allowed? She eats raw food. She can’t even work in a hospice because she eats raw food. It’s the only thing she’ll eat. I won’t change it.

She’s taking care of me now. I love her and so do our neighbors’ grandkids. When they visit they knock on the door and tire this  84  (people years) year old pup out. I love them for their interest and enthusiasm. And they each got a trophy in soccer this year. Yea!

We love each other and love life, whatever comes our way. As I “Otis” Zoe to the bed each night, we’re by, always. Cheers from D&Z my hipless wonder dog


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