I used to be all about ideas. Now all I do is put out fires.

How do we move this forward? How can we make this work?

Now it’s retirement, cooking dinner and getting the dog her shots. Fires include taxes, insurance, bills. Cleaning out the frig and taking out the trash. Picking up dog poop.

Mom said something persuasive when I wanted to become a cheerleader in my early teens. She asked “why cheer when you can do a sport?” She was right. I got into track (I was awful but got the nice lady in the office to say we came in second, instead of losing). Then gymnastics. I became the head of our team at a different school.

The problem was that I was also in music (two classes), dance et al.

I was a horrible gymnast but a great leader. Oh, I’ve stories. Thank you Olga Korbut! I actually ran into Mary Lou Retton in an elevator across from Disneyland. She was still so tiny.

I worked for many years then married. Always a leader, my father taught me well. Now I lead a dog. Sometimes another dog if someone needs us. I volunteer for politics sometimes. Our volunteer center has no use for me. Cast to the sidelines of life, I am glad that my husband still believes in me. Dee



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