What Goes Around

comes around. My mother never liked me, from the day I was conceived. The eldest child meant back in the day that she had to stick around and wear dresses, high hair and heels to vacuum. That meant no college until I went to college, of course she was Summa Cum Laude and I was Dean’s List with a 3.8.

Before hospice care at which all four of us were there along with my husband, Mom asked me to do something about tissue.

I arranged for her eye tissue to be donated after her death at her request. My siblings fought me on this again, as they did her priest for Last Rites, but she asked me to do this for her. They took her body just under the time wire and were able to gain tissue before she was removed from their facility and cremated.

I’m losing eye tissue now, Mom, due to a fall on the pavement last year. Thanks for donating yours and following my lead and caring for therapy dogs. Cheers! Dee


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