Friendly Reminders

In college I was living in an apartment with a bunch of gals. I read that using water one used in which to blanch vegetables was good for plants, so I cooled some asparagus water and watered all our plants. The place smelled like urine for weeks and I was relieved of plant duty. Yes, I was still allowed to cook, even asparagus.

From pet books I learned that wheat grass was a good thing for cats to gnaw on. I bought soft wheat seeds every week, sprouted them and left them around the house.

Then I thought I’d share, got more seeds and put a planter outside where every dog from the neighborhood came to visit, as a gift. A week later the neighbors showed up and asked me to get rid of the plant outside. Their dogs were doing #2 like crazy! Yes, it was good for them but their folks didn’t want anything to do with it. Oh, well, I still kept growing it indoors on the windowsill for my cats.

In an unrelated story I had a gallon bag of catnip at the top of my closet. I had a triple sisal cat scratch post they don’t make anymore. that would never tip over and every few weeks I’d put a bit of catnip (a type of mint) on each side and they’d claw and go mad then sleep. Sleep was the good part as they got enough exercise to do so and I could go back to work without them fighting.

I was helping to spay/neuter feral cats and someone donated a 55 gallon drum of catnip and zip-top bags. Yeah, I got some of that and then driving back to town wondered what would happen if I was stopped by the police, or if they came to my home and searched my closet. If that happened I should have asked them to smoke it. If they went crazy, they would have been part feline! Dee


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