My husband has been away for nearly two weeks. I have tried to save the pineapple he chose but it must go away as it is perfuming our home.

He’s in for two dinners, two breakfasts. I’ll only have our dog this time and we’ll go out for lunch. We’ll eat whatever he’s not been eating in hotels.

I’m thinking of clearing the decks and making Lady Bird Johnson’s Pedernales Chile with cornbread the first night because I can prep and cook before he arrives, then steak and loaded baked potatoes and the steak he cooks on the grill when he’s awake the second night.

Breakfast would be special bacon and eggs with wheat toast and rhubarb jam (hand made in our state) the first day, and his favorite oatmeal (cooked in 2% milk), fat-free vanilla yogurt and berries before he leaves to catch a plane.

A plane, a plan, a husband and one less bossy dog. Is that a canal, Panama? A man, a plan, a canal, Panama. Thank goodness I have (retired teacher) Aunts to further my knowledge, including spelling and palindromes. My plans are always subject to thought and details. And lifting the Kitchenaid to another counter with a plug and room for 4# of meat go through the meat grinder, coarsest grind, to make my Texas chili. No beans. Zoe and I love having our “pack” together. That’s why people have Thanksgiving. Here’s to Nanny, from Dee and your Zoe


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