It was always paired with mission, one someone has in mind for an upward goal.

Now mine is having trouble. I spent six months getting a crosswalk installed on our street and having been told it wasn’t needed a young woman was killed on the street next door. They got together, city and county and made a curb cut and painted my crosswalk. It is barely visible now and no-one ever stops.

Last year I was out on a sunny summer afternoon with husband and dog. I took a header on the very crosswalk I created. Our Zoe was between us so my husband didn’t have time or space to save me.

I ended up with a bruises all over my left side and a tiny piece of pavement near my left hairline. Nearly a year later I believe it is trying to come out of my right eye. So now I’m wearing a pirate patch and hoping this will resolve itself. No matter how much HSA money we have in the bank and that we have paid for COBRA no one will see me. So much for ACA and America. I can’t drive any more or even get my hair cut across the way. I’ve paid for health insurance, every month for decades and now no doctor will see me. Next month I may not be able to see them because I’ll be blind. Dee


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