Jiggly Things

Over 14 years ago I met my husband. I’ve five pieces of jewelry from him and he has one from me, a wedding ring, seven if he counts the interesting and sometimes historic tie bars and clips I’ve bought him recently.

I’ve a wedding ring, a recent Claddagh ring with Celtic knots, two 18 gold tiny hoop earrings and two “golf bracelets” with magnets that help my arthritis, an issue I’ve had since my mid-20’s.

Years ago I told him I don’t want Hummel figurines or angels or anything I need to dust. Years ago one friend got us a Minnesota Timberwolf frig magnet. Yes, he has gone that route and now I’ve two gifts from local airports. One is a Minneapolis moose that jiggles. He arrived late last night with a Dungeness crab that also jiggles. Both do their thing when I open the door to the refrigerator.

India may be coming up soon. Let’s see what he finds in the airport gift shop. The moose has a moving head, antlers and “hands.” The crab has legs that jiggle every time I open the frig. Cheesy and somewhat original, these gifts are dear to my heart.

I do have a lot of precious things here, gifts for our wedding or family legacies. But I’ve a Timberwolf, moose and Dungeness crab on my frig. When I run out of space we’ll have to get a second frig for the garage or basement. Or a bigger home.  Hey, he got us into this! Dee


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