There are rules, then there are exceptions. Sometimes the human brain, and true care for others calls for an exception.

I was a smart, good kid but when the family Job Jar said both Ask Mom and Ask Dad (others include dust, vacuum, fold diapers) I’d go to Mom first and weed for a few hours then put some extra sweat on my brow and go see Dad. He would ask me to fetch a screwdriver from his tool kit and said thanks, now go out and play.

Hurricane Ike is something I will never forget. All the dogs went swimming in the pool with all the lawn furniture at the bottom. My husband and dog Zoe went to sleep at nine and slept through the entire thing, 20′ of rising water, flooding everywhere. Broken glass throughout the skyscrapers of Houston. There were 150 lofts in our place. 149 were damaged by this Category 5 disaster, and ours was the only one not damaged. I sat by huge windows and blogged it.

Over the days and weeks that followed we were lucky to have our hurricane kit and some water and were close enough to City Hall to use their generator. No food. No extra water. No gasoline.

Today there have been hurricane-strength winds all day. My husband is landing on a plane in 1/2 hour. The security guard has locked the revolving door in the lobby due to the “rules.” No-one, even a huge guy at 350 lbs. can get out the other door. Those who’ve succeeded have fallen as soon as they get out said door.

Where is the thought in this process? This guy wants to sit there and talk to his buddy. What about the people (us) who pay his salary and are getting hurt? How does an old woman go out with her 32-lb. dog who just turned 84 in people years last week and has no hips?

It’s called THINKING and figuring out what is best for all the people who live here, not just your convenience. Disobey the rules every once in a while.

In cooking, once I learned all the rules, I knew where and when to break them. Rarely on dessert. That’s probably why I don’t normally make dessert! Only berry trifle and I have kiddos do individual parfaits, for their family when they’re in town.

Cheers and I’ll be looking out for my husband’s plane to land. Winds change every couple of minutes so we’ll see. Dare to make a difference. If you can’t change the rules, break them when it is in the best interest of the people you serve at work or at the table, Dee



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