Flowers and Insects

Yes, yesterday I received from my husband two dozen roses. Half small red and half large yellow and pink. I put them up in two containers.

It’s too dark to take a photo now but he also included spider traps because I’ve gotten a couple bites during my sleep of late.

A honey gift with flowers and spider traps. What other husband would consider that combination? Only mine. Oh, and he put gas in my car. I’ll have to get it washed as the salt and snow have beaten it up. Also drive out to get dog food. He leaves early this morning. I’ll just try to stay out of his morning routine and make some oatmeal, yogurt and blueberries and take the dog out quickly. Have a great day! Dee

ps the mixed bouquets bring out the colors of Tuscan and especially Maori paintings of my Dad. He took up painting at age 80.


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