When you go to the grocery store, show some respect. They are doing you a service and are not paid well to do so.

Congratulations! Your parents put you through college. You will respect your colleagues and professors as you graduate from an Ivy League University, and go to Europe for the Grand Tour.

I had to pay for much of my own college but when I went out to a Greek sandwich place ten years ago I thanked him in Greek and he responded parakalo. I said thank you, and he responded “you’re welcome.”

Learn where you’re going. At least learn please, thank you, excuse me, where is the nearest bathroom. When is the next boat/train/plane. And learn the food in your studies so you’ll know a Greek, Italian or other menu. Also learn good morning, good evening and good night. Kalimera, Kalispera, Kalinichta. Boun Giorno, Buona Sera, Buona Notte. Now I will have to ask you to excuse me, permesso, as Zoe isn’t sleeping as soundly as I’d like. Cheers and have a good night, Dee

ps When you get to know owners/waiters at an Italian place, when you arrive for dinner it’s OK to just say Sera. Don’t ask me to pronounce it. It’s like Sarah but heavy on the first like “say.”Don’t ever touch the fruit or veg at markets in Italy. The purveyors will choose the best for you. I had the best pear of my life over there. Perhaps I should name my book about it, as did Proust over madeleins.D


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