I miss my husband who has been away from home for nearly two weeks. Next time he’ll be going overseas for nearly a month. Yes, we have to pre-pay all flights and hotels so he can place himself in coach for 20 hours. He is a very tall guy so that will be a burden in itself.

Of course I miss him but understand his obligations. Our old dog Zoe does not. We’ve a small place with a great view and our dog has no hips. Welcome to Otis. Yes, I am the elevator operator to the bed. She will stay with anyone on the bed. She’s a herder. If only I am here, she is by my side. Please don’t tell anyone she was afraid of the baby goats. I knew they needed strong female names so named them Eleanor (Roosevelt) and Rosa (Parks). It seemed to fit their personalities, not their color.

If I crawl out of bed and come into our office to write she’s by me in two minutes. If I go into the kitchen to check the time she’s there. Then I have to “Otis” all over again.

What happens is what happens. My husband worked for this company for nearly a year away from us and Zoe got used to it. She’ll get used to it again and hopefully not herd me everywhere. It’s good to be loved and protected but I check the locks and do not need “snoopervision” every moment of every day.

Zoe’s favorite kids stopped by in their pajamas to see her this morning before dressing for a funeral for their great grandmother. Zoe did tricks for them until grandpa showed up with breakfast. The love is mutual and these are two great kids. If Zoe’s still alive when they are in their teens, she will miss them when they lose interest. She knows when they’re here and looks out for them. With love of family and friends, Dee


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