I am amazed at what we can get there. And of course we’re Prime so get free shipping. We get all our paper products online. Unfortunately my husband just ordered about 100 sticky spider traps with attractant that stinks. I figured if I left it inside it would invite every spider in the neighborhood so wrapped in a tall kitchen bag and left it out in the cold.

There is one thing I can not order on Amazon or find at any specialty store. Bright, sensitive, inquisitive kids who call on my dog Zoe in their pajamas.

When you ask a kid what he/she learned in school today and they say “nothing” that’s a kick in the gut, also wasted taxpayer dollars. Yes, as these smart kids grow older they’ll probably have a dog of their own and lose their fascination with Zoe. Now they call on her every visit to their grandparents. Last time we made graham cracker, vanilla Greek yogurt and berry parfaits for their whole family.

Between playing ball, throwing Zoe’s “Precious” and making her do tricks for treats, they talked to me about school. A is liking math and doing multiplication. C is learning about clocks and time and looked at the time in the kitchen and told me the time in California where my husband was probably in the shower preparing to go to work.

I sent a note and Spring flowers to the family as there was a death and a funeral, a sad reason for a visit.

A said she asked questions about the funeral. That’s a good thing. I asked where I could get two like their grandkids, no deal, not on Amazon or anywhere. I’ll have to settle for visits in pajamas several times per year. I love being “Aunt Dee.” To children and dogs alike, Dee


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