Look at the Goal

When you’re a gymnast, you put a 2×4 in the back yard and practice on it. Don’t look at your feet. Look at the end, your goal. Focus.

That’s what I’m trying to ask my only remaining Aunt to do, teacher L, to re-achieve balance after being hospitalized.

Look toward the future, Aunt L. Don’t look at your feet. Of course your sisters want to see you, my mother and godmother are looking down at you now. No, they don’t want to see you yet. Yes, they told me. Give it up to physical therapy and you’ll be around your kitchen and for the soup kitchen for a long time.

I also talked to my priests today, Fr. John and Fr. Cap. They’ll be there to welcome you but not today, tomorrow or anytime soon. I think they had a baseball game to attend. Apparently Shoeless Joe is playing for the White Socks.

Look at your goal, Aunt L. It’s more than the end of a beam. With love, trust, honor and integrity, Dee

ps I think I looked up all those words in your dictionary but learned them from you and our grand, extended family. d


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