A Priest

Yes, another. And I forgot his name and even the Friary does not have it.

He taught me Gerontology, the study of older folks, and the five phases one goes through when a loved one dies. Of course it was the first Kubler-Ross edition.

As we age, hopefully we become more wise. My grade school, a few high school and college teachers and dear family combined in a way that coalesced and made me wise. I still can not attend a funeral without crying.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light. So said a much better writer than I, Dylan Thomas. I’ll be reciting my own Haiku at the food court in the ABC mall tomorrow at eleven. Thank you for reading. Dee

ps This goes out to one mentor who has passed. Led, you better be there when I arrive. It’s OK if you play Shattered, Rolling Stones,three times.


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