To Non-Boxed Foods

This is an editorial to The New Republic for saying what many people who can cook say this is horrible, to those can’t cook say there are terrible instructions.

I’ve never done one of these companies. I chose one in the Rockies for their apple juice, so fresh and tasty. Then I bought the cooler that they would leave at our door at 3 a.m. every week.

I got to choose the bacon, OJ, apple juice, milk and many other ingredients, a lot frozen but I didn’t go that route.

The real reason I chose them was that every week a heavy basket (cooler) was filled at my door and I also asked them for a mystery box and I had to make all those local ingredients no matter the season. No, they didn’t give it to me, they sold it to me but I was in a rut, cooking-wise, and whether it was berries in the summer, chanterelles, butternut squash I was enamored of this mystery box. I’ve always thought out of the box so this was a treat for me to cook for us, family and friends.

If you would like to know of this company please write in. I think they give (sell) local people who actually cook a way to use local, vital ingredients and they don’t give you packets. I believe that when someone one fills my cooler with juices, bacon, milk and perfect lamb et al they do well and it serves my husband and pantry so I can fill it up at the grocery for veg in winter. I can make up my own recipes for whatever I wish to make. That is my challenge.

Yes, if I were back in that town I’d put a call in and place my cooler outside the door and look forward to those weekly deliveries and what are the ingredients in the surprise box I need to use. Kiwis? Spaghetti squash? Pummelo? Bring it on. All the best to your cooking adventures, check out farmers’ markets soon. Dee


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