Hail to the Feds

In order to allow an employee access to a 401 (k) plan one at the poverty level may contribute up to 75% of earnings. Above that level, it is a maximum of 10%.

The country mouse will deny the family food if s/he contributes to the childrens’ education, and middle class folks or city mice are not able to save for retirement. And then one wonders why MediCare is troubled.

How messed up are our rich senatorial and congressional representatives? They have their own health insurance, security, lifetime pension. Heck, I’d run for office, for that. I can’t buy health insurance because the insurance companies I’m with now do not deal with anything but being subsidized by the Marketplace.

I cannot purchase at cost insurance because no-one will answer the phone. Representatives do not know how to deal with individual clients or small businesses.

My father-in-law doesn’t trust government in any shape or form. We can sit across the dinner table a couple of times a year (yes, MIL and I cook constantly for all) and argue politics and their sons won’t get into the mix. We agree! Government has messed everything up for centuries. I don’t know how to fix it but everyone has to do a little thing every day.

Help an old lady and get the crosswalk she pioneered re-painted this Spring. Call the City or County and stop an after-hours biker bar from being installed a block from our homes. It’s enough that I’m awakened in my bed at 2:00 a.m. from the bars. Enough is enough.

With the so-called founding fathers, were founding mothers who cared for and counseled their spouses. While staff made dinner, I know.

We have to get people to vote, and elect a Congress and President that reflects the people. I don’t care which party, I’m independent. Apathy is not an excuse. Just call the County and have the ice taken off the sidewalks. I just heard our weather and snow gear is outsourced out of state. How many cars are totaled and people killed because we can’t forecast our own weather or plow our roads?

It’s a mystery to me. I’m used to working for government and other entities and getting things done. Apparently our taxes do not pay for that anymore. Dee





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