I’m the Wichita Lineman

When I was a kid in the northeast I didn’t understand southern or western music. I was playing classical violin and piano at the time. I was also dancing ballet. I gave everything up. Partly because I was forced to do at least four activities after school and on weekends, partly because we moved to the big city and I wanted to do other things like hang out at the mall. Wouldn’t that be a great choice in life – I could have become a shopper.

As kids we laughed at Glenn Campbell and Johnny Cash because they weren’t top forty when I was twelve. I was listening to other music.

At age fifty I finished our taxes, got a refund and went in to by a guitar. It was the wrong one for me and so were my private teachers. One was a religious zealot and the other a drummer. I quit lessons and we moved around the country but bought a beautiful guitar, a Seagull Artist Folk that I hydrate and take out every once in a while to make up a song.

Today, my husband was in an auto accident after 12 hours of flight due to many flight delays. I hope he is OK, haven’t heard word from a hospital but he’s over 1K miles away and I’ve no contact and am scared.

I would hate for anyone to go through this. I’d write a country song about it but now I’m only concerned about my husband and his life. It was a fender bender and everyone is OK and the incident properly transcribed. Traffic, as he didn’t remember, so goes it and I’m hoping he’s sleeping soundly, after hanging out his clothes. Yes, that’s always what a wife thinks about first. Everyone is OK.

Elton John, 3Dog Night, Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, Bad Company. Of course then Dave Mason, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, CSNY, Peter Paul and Mary,and Joan Baez. Our songs also come from Pete Seeger, Arlo and his dad Woodie Guthrie and so many others. Oh, Patsy Cline and Walking after Midnight. I haven’t even started on Jazz, that’s because I just look at the lyrics and make up the chords. It’s a challenge and Joan Baez is way out of my league. I can sing, but not play her. Diamonds and Rust.

To the rose and the briar. The rose says he’s OK, the briar begs to differ, from a grateful wife who would wish to be at her husband’s, and her dog’s sides while we share a place together. Someday, Dee

ps The Briar just called her husband halfway across the county and said “being with you is sometimes a pain, but being without you is a loss more than words can say.” I want to tell him something every moment, as he does with me, I miss him so.


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